A Dates affair……. Sheik Shake !

Easy, iron-rich and a tummy filling shake!

I’m constantly in need of quick and tummy filling recipes for my kid and this one’s quiet a hit at home. I definitely make this when I have to get my daughter to quickly eat something filling (like before her class) or sometimes a couple of hours before I take her out to a dinner party or a get-together. So even if the dinner is served a bit late…this holds her up!

We all know the goodness of dates. High in fiber and very very high in iron. It’s a great source to increase the hemoglobin (Red blood cells) in your blood.


This is a thick and a healthy shake ready in no-time! Look at the glass on left…I’ve poured half a glass of plain milk over half a glass of the shake. It just doesn’t mix until you stir them together!

Here’s what you’ll need to make 1 glass :

  • Dates : 4-5 pieces (I used Medjool dates)
  • Milk : ½ cup

Method: Deseed and soak the dates in hot water for 15 mins. This will make them moist and soft. Drain the water and blend the dates with a little bit of milk. After it becomes a smooth paste, add rest of the milk and blend again. Serve chilled! (or hot!)

Tip : If you want to make it light, add more milk.


Has she woo-ed you ? Sophie!

This is a pretty looking giraffe teether toy named Sophie, manufactured by a French company called Vulli. I had heard so much about this toy that after I got pregnant this was the first item I put on my baby registry and couldn’t wait for my baby to open it. You can imagine that long wait of mine. But I was certainly a bit disappointed for all the hype that was out there. I’ll give you a few reasons to like it and more reasons to reconsider it too. Happy baby toy shopping 🙂


Image taken from Vulli’s french website

Why I liked it before I opened the box :

  • Good looking teether toy
  • Very easy for baby to grab and put it in her mouth
  • Made of natural rubber and safe for baby to chew on (Though questionable by German standards in Nov 2011. I think there are more details on Wikipedia)

Here’s why I din’t like it after I opened the box : I opened this for my boy when he was 3 or 4 months old and within few days I put it away.

  • DUST AND FUR MAGNET: Its body is made of soft flexible rubber that seems to collect mild moisture and so much dust particles and fur on it very quickly.  These tiny particles get stuck onto them and takes a bit of an effort each time . Do I blame my carpet? Do I blame my  cushion sofa ? No. I think they are meant to be soft and furry. I just don’t understand why Sophie giraffe pulls them out onto her! and really I can’t clean her before everytime my baby wants to play with her!
  • SQUEAKER WENT MUTE : I have an older daughter (3 yo) who likes to play in water. She dragged this into her bath along with her bath toys and while the toy came out clean, it also came out muted. Muted till date. Clearly this was not the way to clean.
  • WATER TRAPPED INTO ITS BODY : So after that, there was so much water that went into its narrow-hollow body and legs and there was no way to drain it fully.  The squeaker hole was in the middle of its body so if turned it upside down the water would rush to its head and not drain through the hole. Finally, it took about a week for me to drain and dry her fully and even then I was not sure! Seriously I’d much rather have a teether toy that I can simply immerse sterilize in hot water every night.
  • NO WAY TO STRAP IT TO STROLLER : So if you do decide to take this along with you in your stroller , there’s actually no way your gripper can hold it securely in place. You baby will drop it in a few minutes and you have to put it back in your bag immediately to bring home and clean!

So, Sophie – will not make it to the permanent brood of our other animal toys!

RATING : 6/10

Have you faced any of these problems with this toy ?

Fruit Parfait Shots, bottoms up!

Quick and healthy everyday dessert!

Getting your kids to eat some fruits could sometimes be the most difficult thing! They don’t want to eat boring looking stuff, they don’t want to eat healthy stuff, they don’t want to eat the same stuff twice, they always want to eat what they are not supposed to eat and  they simply don’t want to make our life simple. Argh! But here is an attempt to make life our simple and to get them to eat some healthy stuff! FRUIT PARFAIT SHOTS! My daughter thinks she is eating some really cool fancy stuff (especially in those shot glasses!) and I think my daughter is eating some healthy stuff. She wants it everyday. Yay!


Here’s the recipe and it takes less than 2 minutes to whip this up.

You’ll need :

Flavored yogurt
Sliced bananas
Shot glasses

Method : Place 2 sliced bananas on the bottom of the shot glass. Fill 3/4th of the glass with flavored yogurt. I used Swiss mango yogurt  Top it with a strawberry and then drizzle some honey over it for the garnish. And finally place a sliced banana on the rim of the glass. Tadaa. Your quick fruit parfait shots are ready to serve!

Tip: This makes a great kids party dessert. Well, great or not, but at least a quick healthy dessert on the table.

Let me know if you try this !