Fruit Parfait Shots, bottoms up!

Quick and healthy everyday dessert!

Getting your kids to eat some fruits could sometimes be the most difficult thing! They don’t want to eat boring looking stuff, they don’t want to eat healthy stuff, they don’t want to eat the same stuff twice, they always want to eat what they are not supposed to eat and  they simply don’t want to make our life simple. Argh! But here is an attempt to make life our simple and to get them to eat some healthy stuff! FRUIT PARFAIT SHOTS! My daughter thinks she is eating some really cool fancy stuff (especially in those shot glasses!) and I think my daughter is eating some healthy stuff. She wants it everyday. Yay!


Here’s the recipe and it takes less than 2 minutes to whip this up.

You’ll need :

Flavored yogurt
Sliced bananas
Shot glasses

Method : Place 2 sliced bananas on the bottom of the shot glass. Fill 3/4th of the glass with flavored yogurt. I used Swiss mango yogurt  Top it with a strawberry and then drizzle some honey over it for the garnish. And finally place a sliced banana on the rim of the glass. Tadaa. Your quick fruit parfait shots are ready to serve!

Tip: This makes a great kids party dessert. Well, great or not, but at least a quick healthy dessert on the table.

Let me know if you try this !


One thought on “Fruit Parfait Shots, bottoms up!

  1. Okay. So, I have everything that I need to make this fruit parfait. The only thing I need is the yogurt. Showed this to my daughter and oh yeah…it’s a winner! Will definitely be trying this one! By the way, finally figured out how to comment in Following you…

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