I seem to have a lot of information (and time!) and I needed to declare it somewhere to pass it on to other moms.  Hence I started this page.

This page is going to be my take, tips and information on : Parenting, Pregnancy, Baby product reviews, Recipes,  Ideas, Fashion, Fitness,  Dos, Don’ts, What failed, What worked, Stuff I love, Stuff I hate and sometimes more. You’ll read!

I was born and raised in India, then lived in USA for a while and now in Hong Kong. I am a mother of 2 kids – one of each kind. Good & Bad, Obedient & Mischievous, Sober & Hyper and Chilli & Choco!  They always take turns to be on the right side. In this journey with them I have learnt so many things and  made so many mistakes. I am going to learn many more things and make many more mistakes. This page will witness a lot of it. Notes from a mamma to a mamma!


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