Food Marathon : 7 appetizer recipes this week.

I love to cook. It’s a pity that my husband doesn’t enjoy food as much as I would like him to or the way I would like him too. He is very happy to eat my food that turned out so great ……and unfortunately he is just as happy to eat my food that flopped so badly. He genuinely will be happy both times. I don’t know how he does that! Sometimes it’s an awesome motivation, sometimes it’s just a killer. I really had no uncertainty to look forward to……….until my daughter A came along! Yay. She is just like me! She is 3 years but will ask for salt, pepper, honey, sugar, say it’s yucky, it’s yummy and ask for one more serving of good food!

Below pic is what I think I would like to look like! But you should never trust a skinny chef, would you 😉 


So we’d moved into Hong Kong few months ago and have started making some nice friends. My daughter as well.  She clearly has made more friends than I have. She wants her friends over for play dates, and I want mine for house-parties.  I get to experiment on more food on more people.  One such experimental attempt is this recipe marathon that I am doing  :- ). Appetizers and dessert were my favourite categories and I couldn’t decide which one to start with….Thanks a looooot to all the Facebook followers who voted and made my decision simple!  I will be making and posting one appetizer recipe a day for 7 days!  Soon after the appetizer marathon is done I hope to go on to dessert-marathon, soup-marathon, smoothie marathon and a pie marathon! If you have a preference…….leave a comment and let me know and I can start with that  :- )

< Somewhere in Central, I can hear my husband say, go find a job!! Well, I am going to pretend like I never heard it today as well ! 😛 >

Hope you enjoy my recipes and the food-marathon! Let me know your favorite category….